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The Fallen Worlds
The Fallen Worlds - FW (-53|120)

The Fallen Worlds are a group of players from around the globe who believe in virtues of unity, valor, sacrifice and lemonade. They are all 100 percent friendly except when their family is threatened.  A brief intro will follow -

When life gives us lemons, we make sure the lemons aren't poisoned before we start an international lemonade chain store!

We're fun-loving, relaxing people who just want a place to chill. We take care of each other and work together for the benefit of the alliance, and that means defending for others and repaying those who attack any members...tenfold.

We pride ourselves in being an alliance people look up to, so to ensure the quality of our members we have requirements for applicants.

1. Dedication: Inactivity and lack of motivation to reinforce and help other members will result in removal. Message a t i t led member if you will be inactive for 7 days or more.

2. Loyalty: No attacking fellow alliance members, inter-alliances, or NAPs. Failure to follow will be considered as betrayal and will result in instant removal.

3. Awesomeness: We'll be the judge of that! ;D

4. Lemons: Fresh and organic please.

Anyone who wishes to be a partner in crime need only ask anyone that has a t i t l e.


P.S. Shares of the lemonade chain store may be available upon request. Don't count on it though.  

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